With the weather doing its blizzardy thing and awaiting tech support so I can create my MN bookmark embroidery class instruction document, I’ve been editing the web page a little.  These are tiny tweaks mind you so you won’t notice them, but since I was here I thought I’d post.

Visibility from the house is low, which means the blizzard is pretty gung-ho since in town we’re relatively well protected.  The wind is full on so it’s quite noisy out and roary.  Ye olde Tracfone has been going off all day with dire warnings from various and sundry.  I know when to do what I’m told and have holed up here at home where it is a lot warmer inside than outside.

To amuse I’ve been catching up with my shopping list which has been nicely distracting.  Mostly mundane ordinary stuff, the last item on the list is a skeleton stand which I need for an art piece I’m embarking on.  A little odd I know but, fingers crossed, it will solve both my ‘how do I create this thing’ and ‘how do I display this thing’ conundrums.  Yay me!!!!

Current temperature: here (actual not wind chill) -6F/-21C, there 6C/43F

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