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With the weather doing its blizzardy thing and awaiting tech support so I can create my MN bookmark embroidery class instruction document, I’ve been editing the web page a little.  These are tiny tweaks mind you so you won’t notice … Continue reading

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The World is a Strange Place

Weird is the world.  It’s hard to look at what’s happening and make any rhyme or reason out of it.  Big companies and the 1% seem hell bent on gathering all the capital in their pockets, cutting the wages/benefits of … Continue reading

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Each Night

Look up. See the universe. Immense. Tiny blinks of light fracture darkness. We are not alone. Consequently, hope.

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La La Land

Wonderful. From the fabulous colour palette, through the homages to classic Hollywood movies, to the dream-like quality of the story, I loved this movie. Emma Stone is definitely the star of the show, with Ryan Gosling as her dapper support, … Continue reading

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Captain America

Oh happy day!!!!!!! Finally, Captain America made it to Morris, mystifyingly after all the students have left town, so there won’t be much of a crowd at each show. (I just don’t understand that decision. There hasn’t exactly been the … Continue reading

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Books 2014

My plan for this post is to keep track of the books I read this year. Being the slowest reader on Earth it will likely be a very short list. Part of my problem is that I tend to be … Continue reading

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Out of the frying pan …

So we just received this message from the local emergency warning relay. “A Red Flag Warning for Critical Fire Weather Conditions, remains in effect until 8:00 PM this evening. Strong winds, low humidity and warm temperatures can contribute to extreme … Continue reading

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Other Dessert Cities at the Guthrie

Phi says it all here. Brilliant except for the last couple of minutes which were trite and weak. Well worth the price of admission for sure. Current temperature: here 19F/-7C, there 1C/34F

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Ravioli Rumble

After the euphoria of my first pasta making success I experimented with making ravioli. Now, because of my out-of-wack digestive system, I had to begin by exercising some google-fu in order to find a ravioli filling I could eat. After … Continue reading

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Administrivia:Comment Annihilation

So it looks like comments have not been working here for a while. (Understatement of the year!!!!!) My techmonkey, aka Phi, assures me it’s all fixed. If you are the wonderful person whose comment/s were so ingloriously squished, my humble … Continue reading

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