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I participated in a postcard exhibit last month at Colorado Mesa University which you can read about here. They were using it as a fund raiser for a variety of art department programmes. I used this as an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Kidlet as Monkey

The play is Words, Words, Words by David Ives, directed by Mike Lion, a fellow Hampshire student. Kidlet is way cool!!!!! Great monkey body posture. Very effective location. Definitely earned the requisite number of laughs to be considered successful. Current … Continue reading

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Oz The Great and Powerful

Okayish. Yeah, there were problems but there were also highlights too. My two favourite characters were Finley (Zach Braff) and China Girl (Joey King). I’ve got to say I thought Zach Braff was great and I can’t say I’ve liked … Continue reading

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Adventures in Weather

Weather has definitely been happening in this part of the world. Even after living out on the prairie for more than 20 years it is still possible to see something new. Morris covered in a sheet of ice rubble is … Continue reading

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Tomato Sauce for Pasta

This is the first of a number of tomato sauce recipes I want to share with my mum so I thought I’d post it here for posterity. This is a pretty intense sauce and surprisingly made with tinned toms. It’s … Continue reading

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Adventures in Pasta

Inspired by my latest favouritist blog, The Art of Doing Stuff, I made pasta for the first time today. And, oh yay, it was spectacularly great tasting despite the ineptness of the pasta maker. Beginning with, How to make pasta … Continue reading

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Popcornalicious. This was an absolute hoot and exactly what was needed from a summer blockbuster: lots of energy, explody things, overthetopness, hot guys, and a complete lack of stick-up-arse, as they say in the vernacular. It made me laugh out … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung

You can tell that spring has hit hard in Minnesota when the quiet sunday afternoon idyl is disturbed by the mechanised sound of mowers mowing. Spring is definitely here and the grass has become rampant. As have all the weeds … Continue reading

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UMM Student Art Show 2011

This year two of my aluminium sculptures were juried into the annual student art show at UMM. The base for the first piece is walnut. Photos taken by Nic McPhee. Mother and Child Hairball #1 Current temperature: here 64F/18C, there … Continue reading

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Harry Potter 7 part 1

Tense. Despite having read the book and knowing what happens this is an incredibly tense movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat for its entire length. The visuals are quite stunning and the ending left me wanting … Continue reading

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