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I participated in a postcard exhibit last month at Colorado Mesa University which you can read about here. They were using it as a fund raiser for a variety of art department programmes. I used this as an opportunity to … Continue reading

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UMM Student Art Show 2011

This year two of my aluminium sculptures were juried into the annual student art show at UMM. The base for the first piece is walnut. Photos taken by Nic McPhee. Mother and Child Hairball #1 Current temperature: here 64F/18C, there … Continue reading

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Student Art Show Entries

This year I submitted two sculptures to the juried student art show and both of them were accepted. The first piece is called, Entangled, and was made as part of the Fabric as Form class. We were each given 2.25 … Continue reading

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Notes for Vessel project

A collection of links for the Fabric as Form vessel project. How to make gloves. (From the 1950s.) How to make a pair of gloves. Traditional glove pattern. The Renaissance Tailor. The Beautiful Cervix

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People as Art

So the current “sculpture” being exhibited on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square is by Antony Gormley of Angel of the North fame. 2400 people will each get to spend an hour on top of the plinth doing, basically, whatever … Continue reading

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Throwing pots, huzzah!

During the last two pottery classes I’ve had the opportunity to throw pots on a wheel. It is absolutely fantastic. Who knew it would be so easy? I’m pretty gobsmacked, I thought it was going to be trial by fire. … Continue reading

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Pottery Update

We are now two weeks in to our fifteen week pottery class. There are at least three times as many students and a different teacher so the whole dynamic has changed. I’m really glad I took the short class though … Continue reading

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The state of pottery

We’ve finished our coil pots. Yay us! My coils were much better second time around, so the top of the pot is much prettier than the bottom. We also made lids for our pots. Once I attached a handle to … Continue reading

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A second pot …

… is in the making. Yesterday we began work on a coil pot. Insert hysterical giggling at the thought of my effort! Yeah, it’s not going well in terms of making a good looking pot but I’m having a great … Continue reading

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Threw my first pot yesterday

Well, I didn’t exactly throw a pot but I did actually fashion my very first piece of pottery at the grand old age of 44! Our teacher began by introducing us to a pinch pot. We started by rolling up … Continue reading

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