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Favourite Advert of the Moment

So this first aired during the 2010 Super Bowl and has fast become my favourite ad. Mostly they’ve aired shortened versions of the original but every time it comes on I actually watch this ad rather than fast forward over … Continue reading

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Top Chef

Saturday, the young’un and I indulged ourselves in a Top Chef marathon. When we left the States in August we were part the way through season three of Top Chef. Very kindly, a friend, recorded the rest of the episodes … Continue reading

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Miami Vice, The Movie!

Diverting. So we didn’t see this on its initial release for some reason so I rented the dvd to see if Michael Mann had captured some of the spirit of the original and to see how Foxx and Farrell measured … Continue reading

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You must buy this dvd!

It’s called, North and South, not the novel/tv show about the US Civil War but a four part BBC production of Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel. It is an almost perfect production with great writing, direction and a pitch perfect cast. It … Continue reading

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Jumping the Shark

CSI, for us, has always been a one pony show with Vegas being the be all and end all. New York has its pleasures and Miami is an easy on the eyes sugary treat. Sadly the opening episode of Vegas … Continue reading

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Prison Break

So a new season of US television has begun and we’re still in August and can hardly be said to be headed into the autumn months. At least not yet! Last season I only made it 4 or 5 episodes … Continue reading

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It brings back fond memories

When I was a kid, Saturday tea times would be spent hiding behind the couch in terror. A good kind of terror I hasten to add. All sorts of monsters would be loose in my imagination while watching a certain … Continue reading

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Jack is back!

I’m going to have serious stress issues for the next 19 hours of 24. They’re dropping like flies already, yikes. One of my favourites has already bitten the dust and another is hanging on by their fingertips. (I’m not saying … Continue reading

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I just want to shake the script writers on this show and jiggle loose whatever part of their brains have become stuck in the ‘stupid’ position. They manage to come up with some very scary ideas and yet this show … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time …

… those who love the grand tours thought their fairy godmother had come in the shape of OLN. There was wall to wall coverage of the Giro, the Tour and the Vuelta. We were in seventh heaven. I fell in … Continue reading

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