It’s been a bad year for cats in our house

Two cats

As has been reported elsewhere by Sub-Evil Boy (complete with wild and enthusiastic mis-spellings of her name), Portia shuffled off this mortal coil over the weekend. We started 2006 with two wonderful cats, and now have zero, which is quite sad.

Apparently she got into a serious tussle with some other animal outside, and then crawled off into the landscaping instead of seeking aid. Her absence was eventually noted, and she was rushed to the vet, but it seems that the stress and her age (14 or 15) was more than she could handle.

It’s particularly sad that I was so far away when it all happened. I really wish I’d been with them; hearing about it on the phone is at best a little odd. There seemed, however, to be an strange thing going between Portia and I, as I was away for her one other major (if less fatal) accident. When Sub-Evil was a wee babe, Portia got the tip of her tale cut off by a screen door that proved to be faster than she was. Poor WeatherGirl had to corral a bleeding cat and an undamaged but hardly helpful infant and wrangle them both to the vet to have things repaired, while I was off enjoying myself at some conference or another.

She was a total sweetie and will definitely be missed.

Given that we’re planning to return to the UK for the 2007-08 school year, it wouldn’t make any sense to get any new cats until we return. We might offer to act as a (temporary) foster home for Humane Society cats, however. Otherwise the quantities of cat hair under all the furniture might drop to dangerously low levels…

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2 thoughts on “It’s been a bad year for cats in our house”

  1. We’re both so sorry to hear about Portia! WeatherGirl kindly e-mailed me to let me know. LDH and I last night reminisced about some of our fondest memories of living with Portia (and Turq, of course). What a sad end for a sweet cat. LDH has said he can’t hear them speak anymore (though I still come out with the occasional “You SUCK!”). However, I’m sure the Humane Society will be very pleased to provide you with surrogates until you can find some new companions…

  2. Thanks again for your kind words. They will definitely both be missed, and I know that I’ll always think of them them as a pair, and connected to you and LDH in wonderful ways. Best wishes to you both!

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