Give me that old time religion!

This was almost certainly the highlight for me of last week’s Open Mic Night.

It was Eagan Heath’s (on the left) turn to perform, and he started by not completely taking off his coat, and then saying that he was going to be a bit irreverant. John Hanson (on the right) hollered out from the audience, asking if he could come join in. Eagan shrugged: "Surprise me". John hopped up to the stage, promptly took off his coat and shirt, and parked himself on a stool next to Eagan.

Eagan then launched in a wonderful version of the classic "Give me that old time religion", with John joining in on the choruses. After two or three of the traditional versions, Eagan starting doing new verses he’d written that were a wonderful, biting commentary on the religious right’s hijacking of public policy, education, and the like. Fun people like Jerry Falwell, groups like the Christian Coalition, and ideas like intelligent design all got skewered at some point along the way.

This thrilling festival of ideas concluded with Eagan also removing his coat and shirt and going into some wonderful church meeting dance action during the final choruses.

It was really wonderful stuff, and as much fun as I’ve had at a performance in ages. Sadly, if not surprisingly, the word is that some students were fairly offended, apparentlly because they share the common deficiency that makes it difficult for them to distinguish between criticism of some members of a group (christians in this case) and criticism of all members of the group.

Oh, well. The montage above gives you some sense of this great moment in the life of UMM.

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4 thoughts on “Give me that old time religion!”

  1. Is that the one that goes,

    “It was good for Aphrodite,
    It was good for Aphrodite,
    When she wears that see-through nightie,
    And it’s good enough for me”


  2. I’ve never heard that verse, but those weren’t exactly the words they used in their performance. I’ll pass it along, though – I’m sure they’ll like it :-).

  3. I was surfing around and I found two YouTube videos of this Open Mic Night (part 1 and part 2). The first part has a clip of you singing in it and the second part has Eagan Heath, but no “Old Time Religion.” Part 2 does have a wicked fast guitar song from Alex Wanna, which I thought was very cool.

    Things like that video and this blog sometimes make me wish I was still in Morris.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I hope to post an article pointing to those shortly.

    Apparently “Old time religion” was left off at the request of one or both of the performers, exactly because of concerns about offending people, which makes me very sad.

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