JOCP! There’s a video for “Frontier Psychiatrist”!

We’d played this song a ton on Unhindered by Talent when it was new, and I had no idea there was ever a video for it. A friend of Tom’s just pointed him to it over on Facebook (thanks Devin!) and I had way too much fun watching this several times. So many wonderful images, but I must say the drummer in pearls and the three dudes in lederhosen crack me up every time.

The album this is from was initially released in Australia in 2000, but it’s UK and US releases were delayed as the band worked to sort out sampling clearances, ultimately replacing several of the samples they couldn’t get cleared.

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Having a public Google Hangout on our radio show brought an odd crowd

Running a totally public Google Hangout during our KUMM show (Unhindered by Talent) today was certainly an odd experience. We had 32 people participate, although most for just a minute or two. The guests fell broadly into three categories:

  • UMM/KUMM alums
  • Bored kids & teenagers looking to chat
  • Young adults (mostly male) presumably looking for e-sex

A few folks from the second category stuck around for quite a while; they were presumably really bored. The folks from the third category mostly left quite promptly, which was nice.

I’m not sure how we’ll manage this in the future, but it certainly was odd and fun. Next week we may set things up so that the video is archived on YouTube, which would allow me to watch later through the eyes of guests, which might be interesting (or boring).

Thanks to everyone who listened and/or watched! See you next week :-)

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